Sewer Pipe Vs Tree Roots









Tree roots.. We get calls to clear the main sewer line all the time because of Tree roots, and once we clear the line, we get the same call some time later because the Roots grow back! This is a never ending cycle.

The root hairs will always seek out the water source, they’re already inside your pipes because there is a crack or break in your pipe to begin with. The only cure once and for all for this problem, is to replace the Pipe, and or cut the Tree or Shrub that’s causing the problem, but you may have to consult with your local city first for permission. And remember, you still have a cracked or broken Pipe that really should be replaced.

If you still don’t want to have the pipe replaced, or cut down the root source, another alternative although temporary, is Rooter cleaning. In some cases this is an effective way to temporarily clear the pipe line. The spinning blades of the Rooter (Snake) will scour though your plumbing line, and cut through some, if not most of your tree roots that is causing your stoppage, depending on the root intrusion. You can rent these machines at your local large home store, however, if you don’t know how to use one or you just have no time for the messy task, we recommend you call a licensed professional Plumber.

There is always a possibility that the Sewer pipes may burst, or break, due to the current existing status of deterioration, and or current damage your pipes have before the Rooter service process. And again remember, eventually your Tree roots will grow back, and you will have to deal with the same drain blockage once again.

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