What to look for when buying a Condo

buying a condo

When shopping for a Condo, ask "who is responsible for the maintenance?"  There are owner and HOA responsibilities for the common property and unit. This can be quite confusing and complicated, Especially when it comes to Plumbing. 

DON'T just look at the cosmetics!. You love the Condo, the building is beautiful, the area is wonderful, BUT, maybe what you don't know is, that there are constant internal plumbing problems between the units and the buildings common plumbing pipe lines, which in turn just might affect you, and your new condo unit.

ASK, ASK, ASK "How is the plumbing for this unit and the building?".. "How many plumbing issues has this unit and the building had in the past year?"

Read the CC&R's. By knowing this up front you can make a better decision on your purchase. Although it will be your own personal Condo, you still might have to deal with the plumbing common pipe lines and your neighbors which will affect your unit. 

This can cost you a lot more $$ in the long run of it.