The Difference Between a Handyman and a Plumber

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Caution: When hiring an unskilled or unlicensed worker because your trying to save money, it can backfire, and cost you even more time, and money at the end.


If you pay someone $15 an hour for a job that takes that person 10 hours to complete, that job cost you $150.  If you pay a skilled licensed plumbing professional to do that same job, chances are that it’s done in less time and at the end, you pay a lot less on work that is most likely of a higher caliber and therefore less likely to require additional repairs in the near future, (which would cost you even more money)

The bottom line comes down to value.  A higher rate doesn’t always equal a higher final bill.  A job that started out small can turn into a larger one if not dealt with correctly.  Choosing between an unskilled or unlicensed worker, or a professional licensed Plumber to fix your plumbing repairs can be critical to cost, a successful efficient outcome, and your safety.

There are several obvious differences between a licensed plumber, a handyman, or an unskilled worker. Handyman’s services are appropriate for the general maintenance and care of a residence, resident buildings, and commercial businesses, such as repairing windows, cleaning gutters, mowing lawns, and changing locks, all are duties of a handyman. Although these services are valuable, they do not require a license. A licensed plumber is a plumbing specialist, who deals with, and has more thorough knowledge of“the plumbing’s inner workings” of a home, or building, based on required plumbing codes and safety regulations.  Also, a licensed plumber is insured as well.

It is in the home or commercial owner’s best interest and safety to ensure that a hired worker is properly skilled, licensed, and insured.  

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Save time, money, and headaches, hire a licensed, insured, professional plumber.