DIY Unclog Stoppages

When you least expect it, you end up with a clog.  This usually happens at the worst time, and you definitely don't want it to happen when you have guests over. If it does, here are several DIY remedies that might work for you.

The DIY Method:

(1) A do it yourself persons friend.. The handy plunge clears clogs from most fixtures, sinks, tubs and toilets. Everyone should keep one handy.

(2) A old home remedy that just might work...Remove as much water as you can from your sink, tub or shower, as this remedy works best if there is no water sitting. Toss in 1 cup of baking soda, then pour down a cup of vinegar, plug with the stopper, and let sit for about 30 minuets. After the 30 minuets, unplug and pour a small pot full of hot boiling water. This should do it!

(3) Believe it or not, the old tried and true wire hanger...Make a little hook at the end of the wire hanger, you may want to use pliers for this. (use caution not to cut yourself from the wire) Poke down the drain and either try to pull up or break apart what ever is down there. Most times if its a sink or shower clog, you end pulling up a lot of hair that was causing the clog and the clog clears.

The above methods just might work for you.  But, if you can't clear a clog after several attempts, then maybe it's time to turn the job over to a professional licensed plumber.

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