What NOT to throw down your Garbage Disposal

Most people believe that a garbage disposal is just that, a “garbage disposal", however, Not everything can go into a garbage disposal, It is not a sink trash can. The garbage disposal is not really designed to break down certain food items like, bones and grease. The garbage disposal is actually designed to handle your table scraps. With constant abuse of your disposal, such as incorrect food items, bones, and grease, that will not get fully broken down by your garbage disposal, you will eventually cause damage to your disposal and or your pipes. Which means either you, replace your garbage disposal with a new one, and or you might have to re-pipe your kitchen line.

For a healthier, longer life of your garbage disposer , here is a list of a few common items you should Not throw down your sink.

Skin, meat, and bones - The garbage disposal is just not strong enough to break theses down and they’re the most common foods that can jam your garbage disposal.

Pastas- The pasta can never break down small enough, so the small pieces will eventually gather in the trap and clog your drain.

Fruits and Vegetables- Certain seeds, pits, peels and shells of a fruit or vegetable can also cause a clog to your drain.

Grease- The grease will solidify and clog your drain, even if you run hot water long enough, your risking a clog.

Egg shells- egg shells just end up clogging the drain line.

Maybe in a small amounts the disposal can handle breaking down some of the items listed above, but I wouldn't risk it, you’ll end up clogging your drain. You'll also want to avoid throwing down certain foods in your sing to avoid a garbage disposal smell. Remember, only small amounts of table scraps really should go into your garbage disposer.

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