Why do you have frequent drain clogs?

drain clogs in la

Rooter service is a great and effective way to clean and clear your drain clog‘s.  The spinning blades of the Rooter (Snake) will scour through your plumbing lines, and remove debris that may be causing your stoppage.  However, if your drain pipe lines are frequently clogging you might have a damaged and or corroded pipe and maybe tree root intrusion.

A damaged or corroded pipe line can trap waste, reducing the diameter of the pipe therefore causing the pipe line to easily clog.  There is no cure for chronic plumbing.  After you have had your drain line Rooter cleaned, eventually with time the debris or tree roots once again will easily clog your pipe line.

So, what is the cure?

Replace the corroded pipe.  You will save more money by just having the pipe replaced then having to frequently call a Plumber to Rooter your pipe line.  We don't mind if you call! but that's not putting the savings in your pocket.  

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