How to unclog a Showerhead clog

The all too common Showerhead clog.  If you notice only sprits of water spraying out of your shower head, or water spraying out in all directions, then more than likely, you showerhead is clogged.

Showerheads get clogged by mineral deposit build up from hard water.  One of the most common methods to cleaning is having it soak in vinegar for about 10-12 hours. There are a couple ways of doing this. One is to remove the showerhead and place it in a bowl with vinegar. Or if you don't want to remove the showerhead, use a plastic bag, fill it with vinegar and place the bag around the head and tie it on with a rubber band so that the bag stays in place.  The vinegar should help dissolve the minerals. When done, either remove the shower-head from the bowl or bag, and gently scrub with a toothbrush to remove the remaining build up of deposits. You can also try using a tooth pick if you don't want to use a toothbrush.

Please note:  Brass or Gold finished showerheads are coated to protect them from oxidation. If you use an abrasive product, you could damage the finish on your showerhead. To clean these types of shower heads, try and rotate the showerhead upwards so that the showerhead holes are facing the up towards the ceiling.  Spray some vinegar on the showerhead holes, and let it stand for approximately 15 minutes, giving it some time to remove the mineral deposits. You could also wrap a protective cover around your showerhead, only exposing the small holes where the water sprays out.  Use a soft toothbrush to remove any remaining deposits in the small holes or use a toothpick.

If instead you rather just have a new Showerhead installed, and don't want to install it yourself, give us a call!  818-842-5325

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