Slow Flushing Toilet?

Toilet Flushes Slowly or Incomplete Flushes?

Here are some simple solutions;


(1)  Check your Toilet tank.  Remove the tank lid, and make sure that the tank is filling up completely when you flush.  If not, make adjustments to the float balls arm, bend the arm upwards if the water level appears to low.

(2)  Chains, which are too long, can also cause the problem.  Adjust your chain accordingly. CHAINS should be replaced every 2-3 years since they rust, or break.

(3)  Test the Toilet. Fill a five gallon bucket with water, and then pour the bucket rapidly down the toilet bowl. If the toilet flushes down without any problems, then the problem is not enough water reaching the bowl. If the toilet still struggles to flush, the toilet's drain is clogged.

(4)  Simple partial clog.  Use your Plunger, this usually clears most minor clog’s.  If this doesn’t work, call a professional licensed Plumber to diagnose the problem, it could be a more complicated issue.

(5)  Your Flapper valve might be broken and needs to be replaced with a new one.   The flapper valve is in your toilet tank and it controls the flush. When you push on the handle to flush your toilet, the lever lifts the chain which then lifts the flapper valve.  The valve covers the opening at the bottom of your tank that allows the water to flow down and into your bowl which creates the flush.

CA LIC: 931807