Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

A plumbing preventive maintenance program will allow for less emergency calls and costly plumbing repairs and or replacements.

By regularly inspecting and maintaining your fixtures, water heater and drains, your assurance that a costly emergency plumbing problem will arise when you least expect it lessens. Regular inspections and maintenance will prevent the need for costly replacements and additional service.

Always take care of a Plumbing problem and make the necessary repairs as soon as your aware of it, this will prevent a more serious and costly situation from happening. Not all DIY are created equal, trust your Plumbing repairs to a licensed professional Plumber, you save time and money in the long haul of it.

It’s best to do a complete inspection on every apartment or home when they become vacant or at least once a year when there are tenants. Always check for the following to avoid future problems, save money on your water bill, and plumbing repairs:

Faucets: Check for drips, leaks.

Toilets: Leaks, ghost flushing when the tank is full, is this a water saver toilet, does waste go down at the first flush.

Angle stops: Check for leaks around the valves

Garbage disposal: Is it running properly, check for slow draining.

Sinks: Check for slow draining- Slow to drain now leads to a clog later Shower/Tub: Check for slow draining- Slow to drain now leads to a clog later Water Heaters: Does it make banging noises? Sediment/mineral build up can reduce the efficiency of the unit. The buildup can harden and sometimes clog the drain valve. Flush out your water heater regularly, take caution when flushing out due to HOT water. Storm Drains: Inspect and clean at least every year to avoid clogging during the rains Lawn Sprinklers: Inspect, check for leaks, replace heads where needed, test. Sewer drains: Clean every 6 months to a 1 year to help prevent debris build up & clogging.

Paying for preventive maintenance now, will save you money on plumbing repairs and water bill. With these tough economic times we all need to save, it makes sense.