Emergency Water Shut Off


Wheres The Emergency Water Shut off!?

When you have a Plumbing Emergency and water seems to be over flowing everywhere, Don’t Panic. know the location of the shutoff valve’s for every fixture in your home, as well as the main water shutoff valve for the house.

The Hot & Cold shut off valve’s are usually located underneath your Kitchen, and Bathroom sink. The shut off valve for the Toilet is usually located behind the toilet under the toilet tank. For a problem with your Washer machine, the Hot & Cold shut off valves are right where the water supply connects to the washer machine.

If for some reason you can’t turn off the fixture shut off valve, go to the Main shut off valve to turn off the main water supply. Note: This main shut off will turn off the water supply to the entire house.

If for some reason the Main shut off valve can not be turned off, contact your local department of water & power, they will at least be able to turn off the main water supply located at the water meter or call a professional 7 Rico Plumbing technician for help!

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