Comfort Height Toilets

What you should know about Standard toilets and ADA Comfort height toilets. The Comfort height toilet is not just for people with disabilities. 7 Rico Plumbing serves the San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles areas. Call for a Plumber today! 818-842-5325

ADA Comfort Height Toilets are not just for people with bad knees, or someone who has a disability and or difficulties because the toilet sits down low.

The word is "Comfort Height" These Comfort height toilets also accommodate the tall person, the older person and those who just do not want to go as far down to sit.

There are many homes and apartment complexes that have the standard low toilets, which can be uncomfortable, difficult or almost impossible to transfer to and from. Nowadays, there a more varieties and options to choose from which makes it easier for you!

Before you purchase your Comfort height toilet, measure the area where your current standard toilet is located to assure there will be enough room for the new comfort height toilet. The comfort height toilet have either an Elongated or Round front. The bowl may protrude to the point of being in the way.

I’m personally a fan of the Kohler brand, here is an example of my favorite Kohler Comfort Height Cimarron Toilet:

:: Elongated bowl design :: Made from Ceramic :: Class Five flushing technology :: Quiet-close toilet seat with cover closes with just a touch. :: Bowel Rim Height: 16.5 in. :: Assembled Width: 17.625 in. :: Assembled Depth: 29.3125 in.

You can also purchase toilet seats that add an additional 1-2 inches in height. It’s all about comfort!

LIC # 931807