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In need of a plumber in Los Angeles right away? Call 7 Rico Plumbing at 818.842.5325. We are a Burbank based plumbing business with over 30 years of experience. Our company specializing in Commercial and Residential Plumbing Services.

With our our plumbers you won't have to worry about them trying to sell you products or services you do not need. Our amazing plumbers are non-commissioned. The plumbing experts will let you know what is needed to solve the issue you have and nothing more. Please note, before any work is done, you will always be quoted. 

We offer services for homes, condos, apartments and lots more buildings! We also offer property management plumbing services. Give us a call today and let us gain your trust. 

We would like to say THANK YOU to all the residents in Los Angeles we've done business with for being so supportive to a small business like ours, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing do business with us,

Whether searching for "water heater repair la" or "sewer repair los angeles" you won't find a better company out there offering quality service and good ol' honest plumbing. 

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Hydro Jetting In Los Angeles

hydro jetting in la

Hydro jet cleaning is a simple to understand process, Hydro jetting clears most tough blockages in your pipes when the rooter snake doesn't quite cut it.

The cleaning process is effective, as it uses very high pressure water to clean the interior of the pipe to remove debris such as, buildup from detergents, all types of hair, nasty sludge, grease and so on. Within time most of us start to get used to the slow flowing pipes and forget that by getting hydro-jet cleaning, your drains can be flowing as they are intended to be.

It’s highly recommended by 7 Rico Plumbing to have a licensed plumber come out to diagnose your drain and sewer pipes in order to avoid issues in the future and daily inconveniences.

Property Management Los Angeles

la property management

We are experienced in fulfilling the demands of the Property Management Company, Property owners, and HOA'S. We offer dependability you can expect when you need it most.

We understand and are sensitive to the needs of the relationships involved, Property owner, Property Management Co, HOA, and Residents. 7 Rico Plumbing Co. is committed to working together to save you money.

Our Service
We offer Special Rates for our Property management and HOA Customers.

We schedule service times at the convenience of our customers. If you need us to contact the residents for scheduling, provide notices and arrangements, no problem!

We are able to determine and explain Plumbing repair liability, whether HOA or Resident.

We offer 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service
(When you need us most)

Detailed documentation of all work is provided.

We understand the need to keep you informed at all times, so that you have the answers for your residents and property owners.

Account management with 7 Rico Plumbing is efficient and easy. You can designate who can call and authorize services from your office. And to suit your needs, you can submit in writing a total Pre-authorized amount that 7 Rico Plumbing can submit for collection of payment, should an emergency job arise and no contact is available for verbal or written authorizations.


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Repiping Los Angeles

Copper pipes on warehouse. 3d illustration

Los Angeles is an old town! Most apartments and homes were built with galvanized pipes. With these kinds of pipes, in time, they rust and start to deteriorate. When this happens, you will notice cracks and leaks. Not only that, you will also notice a loss in water pressure and a color change in water. If you do start to notice a bad smell coming from your water, this is also a good indication you need pipes changed.

Call 7 Rico Plumbing today and let us give you stronger water pressure, clean water and hot water flowing faster to you! We service homes, condos, apartments and more! Having your pipes replaced also increases the value of your property!


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Rooter Plumbing In Los Angeles

For Los Angeles Residents and business owners a Sewer back-up or a clogged drain can cause stress, an inconvenience and even cost you money! When this happens our customers check our our blogs for tips they can use before calling us if it is to difficult, time consuming and so on. 

In all the years we've done Rooter cleaning and sewer lines repairs and drain cleaning, we have not seen a clog that could not be cleared or a pipes that could not be replaced or repaired.

To ensure less chances of getting a sewer back-up or a clog when you least expect it by having a rooter maintenance done to your home! The last thing you want to experience is having a someone shouting from your bathroom during the big game " the toilet won't flush!".  

If you experience any issues with your drains, give us a call and we will send out a skilled and knowledgeable service technician to fix your issue.



Los Angeles Rooter

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Los Angeles Sewer Repair


We love to keep our customer informed as to the process of replacing or repairing sewer pipes. We have below 2 of the most popular ways our customers love to have their sewer line repairs and replacements.With the Trenchless technology method we can repair or replace broken, punctured or collapsed sewer lines without having to dig up the whole  yard. This process saves our customers valuable time and money.
Pipe Relining

This process is prefect for pipes that need minimal repair. Minimal would be anywhere from small cracks, holes or any separations from pipes. With cases such as these you don't need a full replacement. 

Our professionals are ready to repair any section of pipes that need special attention with using the simple process of pipe relining. The combo of a stronger liner with an epoxy resin gives sewer pipes a seal that quick;y repairs cracks or small broken areas.


Pipe Bursting 

With this process, our plumbers dig two points of access to start. From point A to point B, these access points allow us to leave your yard as untouched as possible. During the pipe bursting process the old pipe line is being broken as the new polyethylene pipe enters which is durable and stronger that the old pipe.

Note : Sewer camera inspection should be done before determining which method is best for you, when the pipes are not easily exposed to see the condition.

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LA Water Heater Repair

water heater repair los angeles

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A Los Angeles residents water heater represents just about 14% of a household’s energy consumption, therefore it is very important in selecting the right Water heater for your home.

Most don't know, but a water heater consumes energy! If you see your that yours is larger than what you need, you're spending more on gas that needed. On the other hand if your water heater is too small, you can run out of hot water during peak use.

When shopping for a replacement, try and look for energy efficiency and also year round operating costs before you decide which one is the right one for your household. A very handy piece of information is the Energy Guide label which can be found on the water heater.

What type of fuel are you looking for?

  • Natural Gas
  • Electric

How many gallons does your family need?

  • 30 gallons
  • 40 gallons
  • 50 gallons


If you're still lost regarding your water heater repair situation, we're here to help! We know what it takes to repair or replace your water heater to plumbing code. Just about every brand and type of water heater available has been repaired and or replaced by our plumbers. Our plumbers have the skill and knowledge required to take care of any plumbing issue you might have.